BQ Coaching Pathway

There are five recognised coaching accreditations within Australia:

Level of Coaching: Aussie Hoops
Accreditation Process: Obtained via the SportAus Learning Portal
Prerequisites: No experience required

This is the first step in your coaching pathway and is designed to help prepare coaches across all sports for what to expect in their role. This is a minimum requirement within Basketball Queensland to coach at any level.

Level of Coaching: Club & School Leagues, Junior Representative
Accreditation Process: Full day course (5 hours) or 5 Star Individual Modules
Prerequisites: Community Coach Certificate

This is the first basketball specific accreditation in your coaching journey and touches on how to develop individual skills as well as basic team concepts. This is a minimum requirement to be a head coach at junior club/rep level.

Level of Coaching: Junior Representative, Queensland State League (QSL), State Teams, NBL 1 North
Accreditation Process: Weekend course and an assessment
Prerequisites: Club Coach Accreditation (held for a minimum 12 months)

This is a more in-depth accreditation aimed at experienced coaches and includes presentations on advanced tactics as well as improving some of the on court competencies of a coach. This is a minimum requirement to be a head coach at senior rep level, QBL and QLD state teams. 

Level of Coaching: National Programs and Professional Leagues 
Accreditation Process: 5 day Performance Coach Course
Prerequisites: Six years Association Coach accrediation experience

This is a National level accreditation for coaches involved with high level representative teams and development squads; or for Queensland Coaches who derive a part or casual income through player development opportunities, paid team coaching or school based coach employment.

Level of Coaching: National Teams and Programs  
Acceditation Process: Elite Practical Training and Management Course
Prerequisites: National Coaching Role or other BA Performance Pathways

The Master Coach accreditation program is driven, coordinated and managed by Basketball Australia and coach candidates require endorsement from a State/Territory basketball association or national league club to participate in the program.

BQ currently facilitate the Community, Club & Association accreditations and are working with BA to reinstate further accreditation pathways.

BQ also offers development opportunities for select coaches within our high performance programs. Click here to read more.

For a list of upcoming courses please click here.

Accreditation Policy

Coaches must hold a current accredited as part of their 'Coaching License'. A 'Coach License' is a two part qualification made up of one of the 5 accreditation levels, as well as a current Blue Card and is valid for 3 years from the date of issue. All of our coaching accreditations are now managed through the OwnUrGoal platform. 

To become accredited, coaches must:


Register in OwnUrGoal

Coaches must be registered in BQ's coaching database via the OwnUrGoal platform for their coaching registration to be accepted.


Hold a current Blue Card

Coaches MUST hold a current Blue Card in order to be eligible to coach in any BQ sanctioned event unless they are under the age of 18.


Appropriately Accredited

Coaches must hold at least the minimum accreditation required for their current coaching position as per the table below.


Behave Appropriately

Coaches must also respect all BQ competition rules and regulations and may have their coaching license revoked by BQ for serious breaches.

For more information please contact:

BQ Coach Development Manager - Michael Lake -


The Arena
Sleeman Sports Complex
Cnr Old Cleveland & Tilley Rds Chandler QLD 4155


P: (07) 3377 9100
PO Box 534,
Capalaba QLD 4157